dinsdag 8 mei 2012

vintage bag

Hello dear readers!
Yesterday, my mum and I were sitting on the couch. My mom was reading a newspaper while I was watching tv. Suddenly, my mum said, 'Hanna, do you see this bag? I had exactely one like this when I went to high school!' I decided, at that point I wasn't too intrested, to have a look at the bag she was pointing at. And when I saw it... My heart started to beat three times faster. It was an old-school, leather, vintage bag. The one I was always craving for. I asked, 'Well, do you still have that bag?' And, my mum answered the thing I wanted to hear the most, 'Yes, sweetheart, it's somewhere on the attic!' As you can expect, today I went looking for it and... I found it!
It's perfect.

Probably I am going to use it for school, even though I'll have to ask a cobbler to put a shoulder-strap on it. But hey, that's worth it! (:
Todays outfit (Beatles shirt!):
I wore my hair in two ponytails, I just felt like doing something different this morning. It may look a little childish, but I don't mind childish (:

 Baaaad quality.
 Beatlesbeatlesbeatles! It feels like a little bit of statement, like, 'Hey, here I am, and I listen to the Beatles and I am proud of it' hahaha (:

Shirt: H&M / Cardigan: Primark / Shorts: DIY / Tights: Hema / Shoes: Converse
Do you like the bag/outfit? And do you ever do something with your parent's vintage items?

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  1. Wat een mooie tas! Echt super leuk! :) Leuke outfit trouwens ;D xxx

  2. Ohhh wat een geweldige tas! En éxtra leuk dat hij van je moeder is geweest. Had ik maar zo'n fashionable moeder haha!

  3. Ik had ook zo'n tas op de middelbare school! Voel me wel een beetje oud nu. =)

    Mijn ouders hebben vrij weinig bewaard van vroeger.. Mijn moeder zegt altijd: Als ik had geweten dat dat weer in de mode zou komen had ik het wel bewaard! Haha..

  4. Wauw, wat een gave bag! Je outfit is ook weer stunning zeg. :)

  5. Wat een geweldige tas. Lovely! <3_<3

  6. Wat gaaf dat je die tas hebt gekregen van je moeder! Hij is erg leuk! liefs.
    ps, leuke outfit :)

  7. Aah die tas is heel gaaf! En leuke outfit ;)

  8. Mooie outfit en hele leuke tas!

  9. Die tas is echt super leuk!
    En leuke outfit, x.

  10. Oh man, I love it when that happens! Haha, I've got a few vintage items that were originally my mom's as well. Although nothing as nice as this satchel bag. That's so awesome! It's perfect <3
    And I love your Beatles tee! I have a friend that's obsessed with finding the perfect one and I'll have to show her this post of yours haha.
    Love your cute style and blog girl.
    Count me as your newest follower! :)

    Trendy Teal

  11. Super leuk zeg, je foto's zijn erg mooi!

    Liefs, Tessa
    Youtubekanaal; Beautyandmylife


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