woensdag 30 mei 2012

Mean mr. Mustard

Hello lovelies!
My life is a little studious and tedious at the moment with a testweek coming up! Teachers hate children for sure. (Why on earth do teachers become teachers if they don't like teaching? To let off steam on us, poor innocent children?) Okay, the part about my life being tedious is not completely true! I have a lot of  lovely friends who can make me laugh at every moment, a lot of inspiration for customizing shirts (yeah, i'll exhibit it here, no worries :D), a letter I am currently writing to Jolijn, some good background music while writing this post (Bon Iver's 'Holocene'), your various comments on my Harry Potter Post (I was so curious how you would respond! To be honest, I was most grateful about Veronique's comment! I also was pleased about Lonneke's because she was so honest), I am wearing a knitted mustardyellow comfi cardigan right now ├índ this is my hunderdth post! I should have taken all that in my consideration (:

Lace skirt: ? via Markplaats / Mustardyellow cardigan: Primark / Black top: H&M / Rose ring: Primark / Moustachering: Fleamarket / Shoes: Converse
Lots of love!

maandag 28 mei 2012

Pretty Perfect Potter Post

Hello awesome people!
This is going to be a perfect Potter post! If you like Harry Potter, I can advice you strongly to read on. If you don't like harry potter, I can advice you strongly to read on as well, because there is a missing part in your life which I hope I will be able to fill up a little (:

zaterdag 26 mei 2012

All that's waiting is regret.

Hello lovelies!
This. Weather. Is. Awesome.
The weather has been absolutely stunning the past week! Tuesday it was so warm when my friends and I were biking home decided to jump into a lake nearby, although we had no bikini's with us. We just went in all dressed! We searched the lake (it was quite hard really since all the ways were blocked due to Emporium, a huge festival). After at least half an hour we found a small path leading to an unblocked part of the lake and finally we could jump in there! It really cooled us down, got us tanned and caused some genius tweets to arise! (: Yet only from Mari-lee, I don't have twitter, my friends are already calling me a troglodyte (':
I, or actually my lovely little sister, made these pictures around a quarter to nine and the sun had exactely the orange touch I was hoping for. Yay! (:

Floral blouse: ? via Mom's Closet / Shorts: H&M / Brown belt: H&M / Gladiator sandals: Blue Box / Necklace: ? via Flea market
 Little question, did you actually like my previous photography post? Not so many people commented, does that have to do with the content of the post or is it just coincidence? (':
Enjoy your evening and pentecost tomorrow! ♥

donderdag 24 mei 2012


Hello lovelies!
I'm sorry for posting this one day too late! But now the post is here, and it's to be about photography! I love photography, it's so intresting. And even though my camera isn't a fancy reflex camera, the quality is suprisingly good. Usually I take photographs for outfits to show either here or on Lookbook, but sometimes I set up my own little projects, and three of those projects you will get to see!
1. Discovering the backyard
2. Drawing skills
3. New life
Hit the 'more strawberrytea-button' to see all of it!

maandag 21 mei 2012

Here comes the sun.

Hello lovelies! ♥
The weather was so good again! Today we had dinner outside for the first time this year. It felt a little special for sure (: I had a Chemistry test today, and I thought I really screwed it up yet my teacher said that if I would have an insufficient, it wouldn't be a deep one. So I am quite satisfied! (:

 I like this picture (:

Top: Primark / Brown belt: H&M / Flower shirt worn as skirt: Bristol / Basic white top: Anni Rolfi / Rose ring: Primark / Necklace: Zeeman / Tights: Wibra / Shoes: Scapino / Hat: H&M

I just created a lookbook account, I would love it if you all would have a look. You can find me HERE! I will also put it in my side bar, just in case you really really really want to go there but you lost the url or something (':
Lot of love! ♥

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Hello awesome people! (:
Yay, it feels like summer now! Today I didn't wear tights, the weather was to good to not enjoy every bit of it. Moreover, I barely had any homework slash studying to do. Conclusion: today was awesome. (:
Okay, I will show you my outfit and then give away the versatile blogger award to no less than 15 bloggers! I can almost hear you scream, 'Ohmygosh! Would it be me?' Stay calm and scroll on (: (You know the 'stay calm and...' images right? Well, they should make a 'stay calm and scroll on' picture with it! It would be so multifunctional :D )
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donderdag 17 mei 2012

I'd like to be, under the sea.

Hello sweeties! ♥
Yesterday was so much fun! After school, my best friends and I did the babyfood challenge. Said differently; we bought baby food, ate it ourselves and then rated it. We found out babies are facing a really though time during dinner (': We filmed it but it's way too embarrassing to upload it on youtube or blogger, sorry guys! Trust me, it's for your own good :D
I really wear my allstars too often, yet they're just so comfi and easy to combine. Seriously, I haven't got a clue regarding an outfit where allstars would be a mistake. Perhaps I am going to buy new ones, since the blackies I am currently wearing a lot are more than three years old and totally worn to a thread, litteraly (:
Yesterday's outfit:


Lace dress worn as top: Musthavefashion.nl / Dress worn as skirt: Only via flea market / Brown belt: H&M / cardigan: ? / Tights: Wibra / Rose ring: Primark / Owl ring: Bijou Brigit / Shoes: Converse

(Ohmygosh, is she wearing allstars? Those I have never seen before! :D)
Happy Ascension Day! (Ascension makes me think of ancester, which is something completely different, haha.) Did you do anything special? I went to church, and enjoyed my free day.
Lots of love! ♥

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Who says you're not perfect, who says you're not worth it.

Hi lovelies!
Oooh, yesterday I enjoyed the weather so much! And where did we end up now? It's raining again! Dear weather, why do like to confuse us all the time, make promisses which won't come true and show your worst side at the worst moments? I really hope it will get spring again soon!
Today I wore my H&M dress. I wanted to save it for a special occasion however I couldn't stand it anymore that it was just hanging in my closet without being used, so I wore it anyway (:

Dress: H&M / Cardigan: Tailly Weijl / Bracelet: Primark / Necklace: ? via flea market / Tights: Wibra / Shoes: Converse
This picture gives me a sort of freedom-feeling. Do you regonize that, that you just see a picture and suddenly get a certain feeling caused by something unkown? Well, I have that with this picture. It's freedom to me.

This is my sister, jumping in the air. Normally when I try to take pictures like this one, I really fail, but this one worked out well! (:


zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Till I can make it on my own.

Hello guys,
Everything alright? I'm doing fine, it's just everything seems a little boring and dreadful, everyday is the same and full of school, school and... oh yeah, school. I am really looking forward to summer holiday, going to sew, draw, read, shop and eat icecreams so much! Let's hope the time will get in a hurry! (:

1: I always like these kind of pictures of someone with a bun, so I made one myself
2: Jewellery
3: Bookshelf at home, gave me a sort of vintage-feeling
4: Bubbles. I love them, they're so pretty and try to say 'bubbles' in an angry way. Bet it didn't work out (:

I have nothing to tell except for that I just went to a bqq with youth of my church and I had a really great time. I laughed so much, my belly hurts now haha. I don't know where people get the idea from youth and people in general who go to church are boring, because WE'RE NOT (:
Oh, and I have a little story about  my mathteacher who practices self-compassion all the time (': It's so stupid, the man claims he spends 10 hours checking ONE test. I mean, you've got to be kidding me. 10 hours? He spends let's say 6 hours at school,  and well, 10 hours checking ONE test, 10 hours checking ONE other test, ooh, oops, the day is over already, and he hasn't even slept or eaten. So yeah, I really, really believe him *sarcasmmmm* I just had to tell you guys, it's so annoying haha!
Wow, actually I did have something to tell (:
Enjoy your evening! ♥

donderdag 10 mei 2012

If we give a little love maybe we can change the world.

Hello lovelies!
Actually, I should be doing mathhomework right now, but I don't feel like doing so, so I'm not going to do it. Yeah, I am a pretty lazy toad sometimes (:
It's thundering here, very near our house (okay, I am going to admit it, I am a little scared haha) and raining. Not just some rain, a huge pourdown. I feel so sorry for all the hobo's (':

Cardigan: Vintage / Basic white top: Anni Rolfi / Dress: Hema / Belt: H&M / (damaged) Tights: Wibra
Yay, I took the old vintage bag to school today (it doesn't look as good on this pictures as it does in reality), and I got a lot of nice responses to it. I think the best thing about this bag is, besides that's it's so pretty, nobody else at school  has it! I enjoy being different so this was a perfect oppurtunity.

 I am listening to 'Skinny Love' right now. No, not Birdy's cover, to the orginal song. I had to get used to Bon Iver's voice, yet now I think he sings it better than Birdy. Sorry Birdy (:
So much random chatter in this post haha. About math homework, rain, hobo's, vintage bags, and Bon Iver. Oh how do I love random (:
Loves! ♥

dinsdag 8 mei 2012

vintage bag

Hello dear readers!
Yesterday, my mum and I were sitting on the couch. My mom was reading a newspaper while I was watching tv. Suddenly, my mum said, 'Hanna, do you see this bag? I had exactely one like this when I went to high school!' I decided, at that point I wasn't too intrested, to have a look at the bag she was pointing at. And when I saw it... My heart started to beat three times faster. It was an old-school, leather, vintage bag. The one I was always craving for. I asked, 'Well, do you still have that bag?' And, my mum answered the thing I wanted to hear the most, 'Yes, sweetheart, it's somewhere on the attic!' As you can expect, today I went looking for it and... I found it!
It's perfect.

Probably I am going to use it for school, even though I'll have to ask a cobbler to put a shoulder-strap on it. But hey, that's worth it! (:
Todays outfit (Beatles shirt!):
I wore my hair in two ponytails, I just felt like doing something different this morning. It may look a little childish, but I don't mind childish (:

 Baaaad quality.
 Beatlesbeatlesbeatles! It feels like a little bit of statement, like, 'Hey, here I am, and I listen to the Beatles and I am proud of it' hahaha (:

Shirt: H&M / Cardigan: Primark / Shorts: DIY / Tights: Hema / Shoes: Converse
Do you like the bag/outfit? And do you ever do something with your parent's vintage items?

zondag 6 mei 2012

My closet

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday I finally took the effort to actually clean out my closet. That's quite a big step for me, since I prefer all the clothes disorderly. 'Why?' you might think. Well, sometimes I see a top and a skirt laying on each other, which appears to be the perfect combination! In that way, a new outfit is born without any creativity required! However, yesterday I cleaned it all up and it looks much better now. In this article you will get to see my closet and the content of it! (: I always hope to see this kind of posts on blogs, so I decided to make one myself! And, as a bonus, you will also get to see my favourite items. If you want to see all this, you better hit the 'more strawberrytea'-button! (:

vrijdag 4 mei 2012

a bed of grass, a soft green pillow.

Hello there!
I hope you're all having a lovely holiday! Mine consists of lots of homework, and I am really fed up with it. The whole definition of a holiday is being free, while I am studying, reading and doing homework all the time. I will be so glad when this year is finished! I am looking forward to  b u r n i n g  my physics/chemisitry/math/biology books!  I can be evil once a year, can't I? (:  (Yeah, that's right, I want to  b u r n  them and act like there has never been anything like physics/math/chemistry/biology in this world! Oh, new update: I hate chemistry even more than physics at the moment! Caused by my teacher, who tells me every single lesson I am absolutely awful. Well, thank you very much, sir! You're my favourite teacher, too! Not really (': )
Today another outfit! The short is my mom's but she rarely wears it these days, so I took my profit of that! (:

woensdag 2 mei 2012

deep in the meadow, under the willow.

Hi guys,
Monday it was queensday and I went to the flea market. As you might have guessed, I am a little bit of a sick spender and I can never reject to buy any cheap items I like... This resulted in the fact that I bought some items I am very pleased with again! I bought a necklace with two pearls and a bow, a moustache ring (finally!), a flower dress and a book of Agatha Christie. All together it costed me 10,50 euro's which is absolutely nothing! (:
To see my new purchases and the outfit I wore, you should hit the 'more strawberrytea' button! (: