donderdag 24 mei 2012


Hello lovelies!
I'm sorry for posting this one day too late! But now the post is here, and it's to be about photography! I love photography, it's so intresting. And even though my camera isn't a fancy reflex camera, the quality is suprisingly good. Usually I take photographs for outfits to show either here or on Lookbook, but sometimes I set up my own little projects, and three of those projects you will get to see!
1. Discovering the backyard
2. Drawing skills
3. New life
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1. Discovering the backyard. I don't think this needs any explanation, does it? (:

 2. Drawing skills. Drawing people's head from a certain angle can be hard. That's why I needed a 'model' to take pictures of, so I'd know how it looks like. Well, since I am always there, I just took pictures of myself x]

So, these pictures are not meant to make me look pretty or something. Just so you know, because I look very bored and tired (':

 3. New life. A friend of mine, Rian, gave me cans with soil and seeds to grow sunflowers of. I took pictures of the process of new life germinating. Wow, and I don't even like biology, how motivated am I? :D
 Day 1.

Day 3. (On day 2 nothing happened.)

 Day 5 (growspurt!). (On day 4 nothing happened.)

 Day 7. (Today. They're so big I had to use something to make sure the stem wouldn't break off.  Don't you love the colours of the leaves btw? So fresh!)

I hope you enjoyed it! I know this post is different than you're used to but since it's so hot (almost 30 degrees!) my outfits are a little simple and not 'blog-worthy'... Next post will be a good outfitpost again, you're going to love it! The outfit will be colourful (no colourblocking, sorry guys! That's against my principles...) and it'll suit the weather very well! (:
Lots of love! ♥

16 opmerkingen:

  1. die gaan hard zeg, wel leuk om te zien haha. x

  2. Wauw, je planten gaan super snel joh! Oh, wat leuk dat je hier ook over schrijft, ben benieuwd hoe ze er over een tijdje uit zien. ^^

  3. Wow, die planten gaan snel! Wel leuk om te zien al die foto´s!

  4. Wat een leuke post juist, je maakt echt mooie foto's hoor! en als die tekening op de achtergrond van jou is kan je dus ook heeeeeel goed tekenen =) Ben benieuwd naar de tekening van jezelf!

    Liefs Denise

  5. Haha die plant, supergrappig!

  6. Leuke foto's! Die met je oog is mooi!

  7. is goed ik hoor het dan wel van je <3 ik ga vandaag bellen hoe duur het laisergamen is en overleggen met de rest of ze het te duur vinden. dan spreken we tijden af (:

  8. Leuke foto's en leuke blog ik volg je xx


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