Hello dear reader!
As you probably have noticed, I'm Hanna. I was born on the eighteenth of Februari, 1998, in a small town in Gelderland, and I still live there together with my lovely brothers and sisters. I participate in bilingual education, something I really adore.

I have got an awful lot of hobbies ànd a huge lack of spare time! This, as you can imagine, is a very dull combination. To mention just a few of my passions: writing, sewing, listening to slightly less known music, drawing, Harry Potter, The Beatles, anything that does not have any mathematics involved, learning languages, fashion, reading, shopping, pigs (they're just too cute!) and blogging is a huge passion as well.

Some other facts regarding me:
-I'm a bubbly person. I really can't think of any days in the past without me being cranky all day!
- I definately think mathematics, physics and chemistry are the most awful inventions there have ever been.

- I love to be with friends, but sometimes I prefer being alone.
- I love inspiring quotes, esspecially when I regonize myself in it, like the one below:

- I'm someone who has bad luck every single day. But hey, that's what defines me, so I don't bother too much (:

If you want to know anything else, just fill in the form where it says 'contact'.