woensdag 25 juli 2012

Den Bosch!

Hello Beauties! (:
Let's get started to the cheerful stuff! Today I went to den Bosch with my looovely friends Milena and Joy. I've  had incredibily much fun and I've shopped a little (oh really haha).
Quickly hit the 'more strawberrytea' button to see a report of the day and a shoplog! (:

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Reviews goodiebag

Hello beautiful people!
You wouldn't believe how busy I am, even though I'm enjoying a well-deserved holliday! I won't bother you with all of the things I'm going to do or have done already, but I have less free time than I expected. That's why I am blogging a lot less regulary lately. Excuse-moi, genuinely!
Today I am going to do some reviews of the Goodiebag-items that I found rather intresting, from the following webshops:

1. Topvintage.nl
2. Blezi.nl
3. SoapZ.nl
4. Kagamicosmetics.nl
5. Rebrocosmetics.nl
6. Silkyroses.nl
7. Sfeerzeepjes.nl
8. Meidendomein.nl
9. Dehipstedingen.nl

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dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Hightea goodiebag

Hello beauties! ♥
In this post you were able to read I went to a stunning high tea! We also received an enormous goodiebag. Today I will show you what's inside! A huge amount of pictures today, so be prepared! Quickly hit the 'read-more-button'! (:

zaterdag 14 juli 2012


Hello lovely people! ♥
Wednesday I went to the High Tea Bonita and Jessy organized. They invited quite a lot of people, unfortunately some canceled last-minute. In the end Bonita and Jessy were there (of course, haha), Romy, Charlotte, Sanne and I! Those girls are all so kind and appealing. It was stunning, really. I've laughed, talked and eaten so much! I also received a HUGE goodiebag with all kind of products from all kind of webshops that you will be able to read about next post!

The meeting was held in Cuijk. I had to travel by train for 20 minutes only, and the best thing was that I met Romy during the second half, just after I changed trains. Oh my, Romy is so spontanious, humurous and above all extremely sweet! ♥ When we arrived on the right platform, Jessy's mother was already waiting for us. We drove towards Jessy's house and there the meeting, greeting and eating could begin, haha. However, first of all I had to text my parents to tell them the girls weren't pedophiles haha, my lovely extremely concerned parents haha.
With Romy!  <333
Bonita was also celebrating her birthday at the same time! So I bought her a present: a cosmogirl and little bag with a necklace and a few beauty-related products.

I made some sandwiches for the high tea, and everyone liked them! Fortunately, because I really suck at cooking so I obviously expected that they wouldn't be very good. Yet they worked out, you may cheer if you want to :D

A webshop called Lovelies also sponsered us by giving us cookies, macarons and some fabulous-looking lolly pops! They were, in my opinion, too sweet, but we still want to thank the webshop a lot! (:

After eating and being surprised about the enormous content of the goodie bag, we went outside to take some pictures! The following are the ones in which I am featured (:

With Jessy! She's lovely! ♥
With Charlotte! I already did the postproject with her, so much fun to meet her! ♥
With Charlotte, again! ♥
Having a bout of laughter, but that's what makes this picture so  lovely! Bonitaa ♥
With Sanne! She is absolutely awesome! ♥

With Sanne and Bonita! ♥
With Romy and Sanne! ♥
Snoopie, Jessy's dog! Very cute, but Snoopie shouldn't eat his own crap haha.

Oh yeah, we're dangerous, that's why were locked up haha.

Dear Jessy, Bonita, Sanne, Romy and Charlotte, it was fabulous to meet you all, and we should do it again soon! ♥♥♥

maandag 9 juli 2012

We are made to be courageous.

Hello lovelies,
I'm actually catching myself having nothing to say today! Sorry, my life is not very exciting at the moment. I have summerholiday and I started realising the normal, short holidays throughout a year is not a patch upon the summerholiday! I think so because the short holidays, normally consisting of one week, are still full of homework while this holiday is schoolless! Yay :D However, I'm doing some tiny things for school, like enlarging my English vocabulary and practicing English grammer. My mark for English was the highest on my reportcard (8,4) so I just want to keep up the good work.
Always when I say I have nothing to tell, I end up telling you a lot, haha (:

Brown belt: H&M / Dotted skirt: selfmade /  White blouse: Primark

I started sewing the skirt in December and I finished it four days ago... The problem was I had to put a zipper in and that's a complicated thing so I always avoided it. However, I think the fabrics are so adorable so I decided to just 'face it' and I tried to sew a zipper in. It worked out! That's why it took so long for me to finish it (:

Haha, and suddenly your brother comes rushing in while you're taking pictures (':

Have I ever told you how different my sister and I are? Especially in our way of dressing! Eefje prefers a jeans with a top and an adidassweater while I prefer a skirt or a dress. That's also how people can distinguish us!

Have a lovely evening! ♥

vrijdag 6 juli 2012

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Hello beautiful people!
I'm addicted to a new tv-programm: 'Over de streep' (Cross the line' or 'Challenge day'). It's a programm about children who are facing a really though time at school, or children who have a problematic background, while people at school don't know about it. In 'Over de streep' social workers all the way from America are going to bring about 4 classes toghether, teach them they shouldn't have so many prejudges about each other, based on your hair, your friends, your body. To show there are fellow sufferers, who have the same problems as you have. One of the ways to make your problems a public thing is to cross a line when the leader of the Challenge Day says,'Cross the line if one or more of your parents died' or 'Cross the line if an adult ever said you are stupid and not capable of anything'. If you regonize those things, you cross the line and without saying anything you make your problems public. It's an incredible programm and worth watching. I'll put the linkt to all of the episodes here.

Shirt: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Cardigan: Tailly Weijl / Gladiator Sandals: Blue box via Scapino
Strange light on these pictures.
The programm impressed my friend Mari-lee and I even so much, we decided to try to persuade our school to also participate in the programm. In Mari-lee's class some serious problems are going on. I'm not going to talk about all of them here on the internet but 'self-harm' is a key-word. It's so sad and something should be done. Why not making a big deal of it, with tv and everything? After all, big deals are the most efficient ones! (:
Did you ever watch the programm? Please, please leave an extensive comment about your opinion regarding this programm! If you've never watched it and you're Dutch, please watch! It's worth it, really.
You can watch it on this site and on TV, Nederland 3, every wednesday. I don't know how late exactely, but I suppose it will be around half past eight.
Leave comments people!!!
Lots of love ♥

zondag 1 juli 2012

You lost your muchness.

Hi enchanting people! (:
The weather has been so goood past week! I know that's kind of pathetic, blogging about weather haha, however I'm going to do it anyway.
Yesterday I didn't post, due a lack of nothing less than my camera. My parents took mine with them to Limburg (for foreign readers: region in the South of the Netherlands) because their camera is broken. Therefore I was unable to take pictures and since I promised only one post ago to give my blog more 'quality-time', I wanted to post an outfitpost. Well, I hoped that clarified it all a bit.

Yesterday I watched 'Alice in Wonderland', you know, the version with Johnny Depp (the man is brilliant)! In case you watched it; that elucidates the title (: It made me want to watch the Disney version again! I hope I will find some time soon! There are so many movies I still want to watch, so many books I still want to read, so much things I still want to do this holiday. Everyday I make a list of how I will devide my time that very same day, just to ensure none of my free time will get lost! Controlfreaaak haha.

Basic black top: anni Rolfi / Floral blouse: Mom's closet / Black lace skirt: H&M via Marktplaats.nl / Cardigan: ?
It doesn't matter you don't know where the cardigan is from, you can get them anywhere, or at least, that's what I suppose (:
Have a pleasant evening lovelies! ♥