dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Hightea goodiebag

Hello beauties! ♥
In this post you were able to read I went to a stunning high tea! We also received an enormous goodiebag. Today I will show you what's inside! A huge amount of pictures today, so be prepared! Quickly hit the 'read-more-button'! (:

Okay, this second picture contains a witty story! We just received the goodiebags and I was exhibiting the goodies, as well as this paper. Then suddenly a flame appeared and my paper caught fire, because it fell in a candle! Can you believe my bad luck?! (':

All of the goodies. Oh man, it certainly was a hell to sort it all.

Let's start of with Kagami! This webshop gave us a lipbalm, a sample for nightcreme, 4 tea bags and a voucher. You will get a more extensive review of it next post! (:

This next picture shows the items which were sponsered by Onlinearmbanden.nl, Nina's Perfume and Cadeau.nl

This bracelet is from Onlinearmbanden.nl. The package is absolutely lovely, just as the bracelet.

Nina's Nature produces 100% natural parfumes only, which are never tested on animals. They gave us a sample of the parfume 'Sita'. The scent is a little strange, it definitely smells good yet strange. It reminds me of the time I was four and we went out to the forest in the weekends. It smells like fresh herbes. On the website it's described as 'a dry parfume containing spicy notes of cinnamon, a powdry heart of and a mystical base of myrrh.' I understand why they call it a 'dry' parfume. Oh gosh, why is it so hard to describe scents?! I'm afraid I'm just not eloquent enough for it. You can get the sample for 5,50 to try to describe and identify the scent yourself!

Cadeau.nl gave us this small Facebook note thingie dingie, I don't know what it is or how to describe it or... Oh, just have a look at the pictures, it speaks for itself.

Online make-up gave us this Bourjois lipgloss. The cover promises a 3D effect, volume, shine and it should last for 8 hours. Thank you!

Meiden Domein was so generous to sponser us by giving us a Paris Memories Lipstick! You might think, 'That lipstick is black, how can she be pleased about receiving thát?' I'll give the show away: on the skin the lipstick changes exactely into the colour that suits your skincolour best. That's incredible right? No need to search for ages to find your perfect colour for your lips, the answer is the Paris Memories Lipstick!

Soapz.nl delated a very pretty soap to us. Review coming up!

Penpal Junkie gave us an incredibily cute erasor and ballpoint pen, an envellope and some cards. For the people who love overloads of cuteness and admirable gifts for your beloved friends; Penpal Junkie is your brand.

Desana gave us a little package which included these cute earrings, some chocolade (temporary stored inside my stomach) and a pickwick tea bag (temporary stored inside my mother's stomach).

Rebro Cosmetics sponsered us by giving a Mexx 'So...? Kiss me' Sample (which smells just too goood haha) and a fanta lipsmacker. About the second one you will get a review as well.

Blézi gave us an automatic eye pencil. Review coming up!

Sfeerzeepjes delated this amazingly adorable soapie to us. Review coming up!

Le lion, which has a very good-looking webshop by the way, gave us this supercute vintage-like package, containing some cards and a bracelet. Thank you, the bracelet is adorable! ♥

Sakura gave us this soap with a macaron-like shape. The good thing about Sakura is that they don't test any products on animals and every product you order is specially made for you! That makes you feel exclusively special!

Sweetest Design, a webshop with handmade products, surprised us with a little package including a ring with the shape of a rose. If you follow me quite long already, you're ought to know I love flowers and rings, so I couldn't be more pleased when I saw this little package!

Dehipstedingen.nl gave us an incredibily entrancing composition of different items I love! Review coming up lovelies!

Saitee gave us this cute set of cards. I love the one with the deer on it. My sister adored the one containing the rabbits, but she loves any rabbit she sees (:

Ikgatrakteren.nl (on the left) provided my sister with sweets for at least ten minutes! They were delicious, according to her.
Farmaline gave us two samples and a package with La Jisane products.

Topvintage, one of my favourites! There is quite an extensive review coming up, so for now the following picture is all you will  be able to see, sorry! (':

Lekkersuikervrij.nl produces sweets that cut down on carbohydrates and sugar, but still taste good! We received a mobile fob (mine was a strawberry, such a coincidence!), sweet with strawberry flavour (my sister loved it!) and the lolly pop and the chocolate fondue aren't tested yet.

The perfect example of the coincidence we all love.

Megifts (on the left) gave us these buttons with birds on it and a key fob with the same birds on it. Likeable!
Zoets.nl sponsered us by giving a little package with sweets in it. The package only was sweet already, and so were the sweets inside!

Improvisation haha.

The following picture contains some products from which I couldn't remember what brand they belong to. I found out! The chocolate is from Desana, as well as the pickwick tea bag. The blue shell soapie is from Silky Roses (review about that webshop, too!) and the feather extension is from Buddhaz!

This was such a lot of work, unimaginable really! But now you know what's inside the goodiebag! (:
Lots of love! ♥

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  1. Zo, dat is een behoorlijk goed gevulde goodiebag! Erg leuke spulletjes allemaal :)

  2. Zo, hier zat inderdaad superveel in! Leuke dingetjes :)

  3. Wat veel en ze zien er stuk voor stuk heel leuk uit. Heel veel plezier ermee.

  4. Wat superleuk zeg! Liefs,xx

  5. Oeh leuk! Ik heb de parfum van so kiss me :)

  6. Wooow super leuke dingen! Ik ben benieuwd naar de reviews!

  7. wauw, dat zijn heel veel leuke goodies!

  8. Meh, je lettertype is bij mij superklein! Dacht dat het aan mijn internet lag, maar dus niet. :/ Ik kon wel plaatsjes kijken en die goodiebag was damn nice gevuld girl!

  9. wow daar zit heel wat in! Super leuk allemaal zeg ♥

  10. Wow zitten hele leuke spullen bij!
    Ben benieuwd naar een review van de 'zwarte lipstick', dat klinkt echt heel gaaf namelijk!

  11. Wow daar zit echt veel zin!!
    Check mijn blog en laat een reactie achter..


  12. leuk om te lezen dat je blij bent met de rozenring! veel plezier er mee :D ik volg je blog!

  13. woow wat zat er veel in! echt supersuper leuke spulletjes :)

  14. Veel plezier met het armbandje! & bedankt voor het compliment! Groetjes, Aurora van Le Lion

  15. Waaauw, wat ongelooflijk veel zeg! Superleuke en mooie dingen!

  16. Waaauw, wat veel zeg! Heel erg leuke spulletjes,veel plezier ermee! :)


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