maandag 30 april 2012

Partyhardy (:

Hello sweeties! ♥
Saturday Milena and I had our fabulous birthdayparty! It was such a lovely day and evening! This is going to be a huge post, including Milena's and my preparations, the party itself and my brand new presents! Hit the more strawberrytea button to see all of it! ♥

donderdag 26 april 2012

The good, old days back then.

Hello sweeties! ♥
My cambridge checkpoint went very well! It was not very complicated and I used some words I learned during blogging in English! (: Very pleased and a little proud haha. Anyway, prepare for a granny-like post; about the good old times. With a strawberrytea-twist haha! (:
I seem very moody on this picture. It was too early haha (: BTW, I was wearing trousers, wooooow :D

I already told you I am reading 'Pitty' at the moment. It's about a girl who goes to boarding school around 1950 (a school where you also sleep, eat and stay untill the next holiday. You see those in England a lot. Since it's an English story, so far so good!). There are six books about her and I love them so badly. They are written in a light-hearted, hilarious way. All the girls there are so innocent and pure... Lovely. It makes me think, 'What is going on in this world?' For instance, the girls there think it's not normal if you wear make-up before your eighteenth. And where did we, in 2012, end up?

Nowadays, it's normal to start wearing make-up from ten years old. As I said already, the girls are just so innocent and, you could pretty much expect it, I want to go back to those times. The time where it's not normal to have a Blackberry from eight years on and girls wearing bra's when they turn ten. The time where it's strange when someone acts like he or she is an adult by far. The time where you were ought to be polite to elderly people, instead of calling them 'old-fashioned and boring'. The time where you don't have to be perfect, where less girls are bitching around, gossiping and whispering about each other. The time where it was awful to drink any droplet of alcohol before your eighteenth. The time in which you just had fun with your friends instead of being so obsessed by twitter and facebook you don't have time to arrange anymore. The time in which 'popular' isn't the synonimous for 'arrogant'. The time in which swearing wasn't accepted like it is nowadays. The time just before the most awesome boyband ever: The Beatles. The time in which having underwear of Bjorn Borg is not a boy's first priority. The time in which people still tried their best on school, just to make their parents proud. The time where girls didn't kiss boys they don't know on parties. The time in which people still said hello to each other when passing by. The time in which people were satisfied with less.  The time of Pitty (:

If have no idea whether there are any bloggers around who regonize themselfs in my story, thinking, 'I wish I could go back, too.' I am curious to hear your opinion! Would you rather go back in time, or stay here and live your life the way you're living it nowadays? Leave a comment, I am very curious!


dinsdag 24 april 2012

Strawberryfields forever.

Hello lovelies! ♥
Today I will be showing you my strawberrynails and my dress. It's so charming, I received a lot of compliments! (:
Tomorrow, my Cambridge Checkpoint exams will start. It are exams to prove that I am on a B2-level, which is quite high. I am not nervous yet, just very curious! Fortunately, it's not a test which you can fail or pass, it's just an evidence. I am so curious how they will go, wish me luck! :D

Dress: / Belt: H&M / Blazer: H&M / Tights: Hema / Ring: H&M
And the nails:

Sorry for the lack of text, however I really have to study now for the Cambridge Checkpoint! Next post will be a better post, with hopefully another outfit, the book I am currently reading ('Pitty') and some random chatter!
Lots of love! ♥

zondag 22 april 2012

we'll stay together like those cherries do; fastened.

Hello ladiesss (:
Allright, today I wore my new belt and my new sleeveless cherry blouse which you could see in previous post. It's soooo cute, and it was very cheap. Unfortunately, it was too cold to wear it without a cardigan. The summer should arise very soon since I prefer wearing this outfit without tights and without cardigan! The outfit is a typical summer outfit, however I haven't discovered a slightly sign of summer the past week. Even worse, Ellen told me today this summer would be screwed up by rain and coldness... Bwûh. But let's pull myself together; perhaps it's going to be the best summer I have ever experienced! (:

Cherry blouse: H&M / Dress worn as skirt: H&M / Belt: H&M / Cardigan: H&M / Tights: Hema

I am working on a supercute strawberry nail art, I hope I can show it next post! I felt it had to be strawberries, since my blog is named after them, they're the most delicious fruit there excists and last but absolutely not least; the beatles made a lovely song about them, called 'Strawberryfields forever.' Yay (: I really suck at doing nailart, I always assume too soon my nails are dry. You can imagine, disastrous things happen then, haha (: However, this one seems to go quite allright!
Thank you for all your sweet comments, you're all so kind!

With love!

ps, I have done an interview with Lonneke of Fashionskills! You should definately have a look! Oh, and if you're there, just have a look on her blog, it's pretty, well organized and with lots of variety! You're going to love it! ♥

vrijdag 20 april 2012

New purchases

Hello guys!
This is going to be a pretty tremendously huge shoplog, or whatever you call it (: I'm going to show you all the new purchases I bought the past month(s). Hit the 'more-strawberrytea' button!

dinsdag 17 april 2012


Hi lovelies,
Another outfit today. I took the pictures when it just became dusk so they're a little dark but is do-able, right? I just love to do outfitposts, hope you also enjoy reading them! (:

Boyfriendblazer: H&M / Flowery dress worn as skirt: Hema / Lace dress worn as top: / Basic white top: Anni rolfi / Belt: Primark / Necklace: Giveaway Natasha / Tights: Hema / Owlring: Bijou Brigitte/ Rose ring: Primark

Enjoy your day! ♥

zondag 15 april 2012

White dress.

Hello awesome readers,

Yesterday I went shopping! I bought some lovely items, you will be seeing them for sure yet currently I'm saving them for a huge post! After that, I went to 'The hungergames'. In my opinion, a mind-blowing, stunning, splendid movie! I want to read the books, too! Wasn't completely satisfied with the end though, I think the hungergames should be abolished, but that might happen in a next part! Which I will see, too (:
A long time ago already, I bought a lovely dress at the site of H&M for only 5 (!) euro's. It was so entrancing I just hád to buy it, however, it turned out to be much too long... Of course, I could continue wearing it with a belt yet summer is coming up and I prefer to wear it without the heavy, black belt. Therefore I decided to shorten it a bit and it's a perfect dress now! Shortening items is so easy, I barely takes any effort while the result is absolutely gorgeous! I am so pleased with the result, I am going to show you just a few ways how I will wear this customized dress! I really hope you will feel inspired, because that's one of the reasons I actually set up this blog; to inspire people. Let me know whether you did feel that way!

vrijdag 13 april 2012

Let it be.

Hello everyone!
Two days ago, I was at the junior speaking contest national finals as a runner-up and a supporter for the second year who managed to win the regional rounds. It was such an incredible experience! All those children, giving a speech about the future, some were good, some were brilliant... I definately feel inspired. Unfortunately, the secondyear student from our school didn't win however she did very well! When I am in the fourth grade, I can also participate in a speech contest from the BBC, which is rather intresting! Perhaps I am going to sign up, not sure yet! I will keep you guys updated! ♥
My hair was a mess today. Really annoying! I was wearing my peter pan collar blouse again, it's so fancy and I really adore it! (:

Blouse: ? via Marktplaats / Highwaisted short: DIY / Tights: Wibra

Lately I'm kind of into reading again! At the moment I am reading 'The four clocks' from Agatha Christie. It's a detective and rather intresting in my opinion! Little thrilling sometimes, but that's ok once in a while. Have you ever read a book from Agatha Chrisite? Even though they're quite old, I definately recommand this one, just like 'Miss Marple on holiday'! Stunning books! (:


dinsdag 10 april 2012

Meet ellen!

Hello everybody!
Strange, today it felt like it was monday while it was tuesday, haha (:
Previous friday, Ellen came over and we had a farcicial time! We laughed so much and we baked a straciatella cake that worked out so well! We had two packs with straciatella mix, one turned out to be a real cake and one we made to nibble from the dough. Eventually we got nauseous, so from the leftover we made another cake haha.
We took a lot of pictures, too. Click on 'more strawberrytea' to see them all!
Hanna- Ellen

zondag 8 april 2012

Happy easter!

Hello dear readers (:

Happy Easter everyone! Even though our family is not going to do anything special today, still I think Easter is a tremendously special day! I mean, I, as a christian, believe Jesus woke up from death all those years ago! Of course, he's not alive here, on earth.  However, in heaven he is as alive as possible! If that isn't special... (:
When I woke up this morning, we first had a lovely breakfast. I took some pictures of it, most of them didn't work out though. Still, as the morning past by, I really was a  sort of taking-pictures-mood, so my sister and I decided to go outside to have a little bit of a 'photoshoot'.

vrijdag 6 april 2012

My new camera!

Dear readers,

I've got it, my brand new camera! As I told you some posts ago, the camera of my mobile phone was ruined due to some obtuse accident with my leaking waterbottle. Sunday I ordered the Fuji AX300 on and it was delivered tuesday already! My mom didn't want to give me the parcel untill I finished my math homework (she knows me too well, haha). However, now that small, entrancing beauty is mine! I'm so excited, because it's the best camera I've ever worked with! Hit the 'more strawberrytea'-button if you want to see more of my new affection! The first few pictures are made with my temporary camera, that's why the quality isn't that good.

woensdag 4 april 2012

Pretty polkadots.

Hello everyone!

I can't believe it myself; I barely have to do anything for school! Okay, practice a presentation, but that's about it. Life is good this way, haha. Oh, and my marks are going up and up! Previous chemistry test was an absolute disastrous failure yet I still had a 4,3. And for the test I took yesterday, I had a 5,5! I don't know what changed since I didn't study any harder than the previous time. Anyways, let's hope it will continue this way, untill is nothing left to complain about (:

White blouse: ? / white basic top: Anni Rolfi / Polkadot skirt: H&M / braided belt: Pieces / Panty: Hema

The blouse is already 5 years old but it still fits me perfectly. Apparently I haven't grown for five years. At least, not tremendously. A pity of course, but the blouse still fits me and that's a huge advantage!


maandag 2 april 2012

So there will be a change.

Hello lovely readers,
First of all: OMYGOSH I've got a 7,5 for my mathtest! Congratulations to me, yay (:
As you probably have noticed, this post is written in English indeed. I know it's not the best time since my previous post said 'no changes' would arise, but when will there be a perfect time? To be honest, I was thinking about doing this for months and months already however I never did. When I made a questionnaire to ask you guys whether you would prefer my blog in English or Dutch, 18 out of 20 said they would rather read my blog in Dutch than in English. This was the evidence for me to just forget about writing in English and continue my blog as it was. However, yesterday evening I knew it was meant to be this way. If you're really, really against it, leave a comment, I can always change my mind, right? (:
An outfitpost today!

Blouse: H&M / Dress worn as skirt: mom's closet / belt: Bjiou Brigit/ cardigan: Primark / Tights: Hema /
Have I ever told you how much I hesistate regarding outfitposts? Probably not! I never know where to take pictures. I know outside is always the best possibility, but unfortunately I don't have time for that every day. So, I'm still searching for a place inside where I can take outfitpictures without being interrupted by my lovely brother and sisters all the time. (':
I always consider my room, but for some reason my photos always look so dull and blurry when I take them there! I think that's caused by the fact that I want a white, neutral background, and then there is only one option: my white door, which is facing the window. Which offers enough light, you might think. Not the case... My room is always very light however on pictures it always looks dark and crappy. So, that's something I'm still figuring out! And I NEED to figure it out because then I will be able to post more outfitposts, which is a good thing, in my opinion. Do you share my opinion? (:
Lovess. ♥