maandag 27 augustus 2012

Where everything is as fresh as the bright blue sky.

Hello everyone!
I solved it! I solved my everlasting problem regarding outfitposts! I always hesitate about taking outfitpictures inside because I want a white, neutral background with enough light. Before today I always had to choose one of those two, though today I suddenly thought of this: if I don't have a white background, why on earth wouldn't I be able to create a white background? So I did. Primitively with sheets, but still. And today the rain poured down the whole entire day, so I've made some outfitpictures with my new white background!
Oh, and the dress I wore today is my very first selfmade dress!

Dress: selfmade / Knitted cardigan: Primark / Ring: Primark / Bracelet: unknown

Have a nice day!

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody that could be strong

Hellooo (:
So, the first and second day of school were fine, in contrast to what I expected! The teachers decided to not exagerate yet regarding homework so that's a lucky break! Though some decided to make themselfes unpopular from the very first second but let's leave that to themselfes (:
Another outfit, one that is quite old. I wore this to the bloggersmeeting. I hope you will still enjoy it and if not, there is a special post coming up but I still need to receive some permission from a few bloggers. Rising tension? If not, probably there will be when now that I say that there might be a video coming up, too! (:

Dress: H&M / Cardigan: H&M / Left ring: ? / Right ring: H&M / Shoes: Schoenenreus / Necklace: Tailly Weijl

Incredibily cheesy but still:
Love you all! ♥

maandag 20 augustus 2012

I want to walk on water, dance on clouds.

Hello everyone!
Take the next bit as sarcastic!
So, tomorrow the most amazing thing that ever happened to us, called school, is going to start again! I'm so excited, I've missed all of the teachers so badly, I'm just longing to see them again! Oh, and I almost forget the ceaslessly night spend with my Best Friend: the most beloved homework!
Oh boy, oh boy. Tomorrow school will start again and I'm not looking forward to it in any sense. And I'm in the fourth year now, so my time-table-makers decided to make time-table for me which will make me pass away in the most cruel way imaginable. I will be home at half past 5 every day due to an overload of odd hours. Which means: less time for blogging. Great. But to cheer myself up: no chemistry! No physics! No biology! No geography! Gone, all of them, irreversiblely!

White dress: H&M, shortened by me / Cardigan: H&M / Brown belt: H&M / Tights: Unknown / Shoes: Converse All stars / Left ring: / Right ring: unknown

I'm off, preparing for some serious torture (packing my bag etc).
Lots of love!

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

And if I'd stare too long, I'd probably break down and cry.

Hello lovelies!
In the house in Czech Republic where we temporarely lived I shared a room with my sister. And the beloved coincidence made sure I had a white wall there with sufficent light! Finally, I had the privilege to take inside-pictures with the lighting I have always dreamed of. And believe me, I took my advance of it! In this post I will show you the outfit pictures I have taken there. Enjoy! ♥

Blouse: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Necklace: Zeeman / Ring flower: Greece / Peace sign ring:

Beatles shirt: H&M / Shorts: Selfmade / Ring: H&M

Basic white singlet: Anni Rolfi / Blouse: Primark / Brown belt: H&M / Dress worn as skirt: H&M

My intention was to take pictures of more outfits but most of my outfits were too simple or to say it elsewise; not blog-worthy.

And.... Remember my give-away? You had to make a header/layout for my blog and the best entry would win a Sleek Palette of their choice. The winner of the Sleek palette is.... Jolijn! Congratulations Jolijn. Jolijn chose for the Oh so special -palette. I also want to thank Lonneke and Yasmine for their participation.
Have a nice day! ♥

dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

Czech Republic-My holiday

Hello tanned people (:
So, I'm back from Starkov in the Czech Republic! I've seen so many points of interest and I've, to stay cheesy, gained a lot of new experience. The language has about twelve cases, though I've learned a few new words! The first word we learned, we are and stay Dutchies, is 'zdarma' which means 'for free', haha.
To make sure you wouldn't miss a piece of my new gained experiences I've made collages with all the pictures I took. The themes I devided them up in are 'Panorama', 'Points of interest', 'Family', 'Friends', 'Clouds', 'Sunset' 'Journey', 'Prague' and 'Striking Randomness'. You can click on it to enlarge it. Enjoy (:

I've worn my gladiator sandals too often. Ooops.