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Czech Republic-My holiday

Hello tanned people (:
So, I'm back from Starkov in the Czech Republic! I've seen so many points of interest and I've, to stay cheesy, gained a lot of new experience. The language has about twelve cases, though I've learned a few new words! The first word we learned, we are and stay Dutchies, is 'zdarma' which means 'for free', haha.
To make sure you wouldn't miss a piece of my new gained experiences I've made collages with all the pictures I took. The themes I devided them up in are 'Panorama', 'Points of interest', 'Family', 'Friends', 'Clouds', 'Sunset' 'Journey', 'Prague' and 'Striking Randomness'. You can click on it to enlarge it. Enjoy (:

I've worn my gladiator sandals too often. Ooops.

Firstly, the journey.

1: We're on our way, the sunset on its way!
2: Learning English grammer. I was bored anyway, so I decided to use my time profitable.
3: Let's have a break. My sister took this picture, I like it.
4: Wittenberg (East Germany) was the place we slept over, it was beautiful.
5: Pizza. The waitress spoke Italianic only haha.
6: Brother Bart and sister Eefje. You can guess who is who. Hopefully.
7: The hostel wasn't very comfortable. I felt all of the springs in the bed through the matrass which caused some grief to happen to my back. However, let's state it like this: I've experienced the remainings of the Eastern Block very well (':
8: On our way again to Czech Republic!
9: A masterpiece of architecture and since on of my subjects coming year is The History of
Art and since it's very likely this building will come across I took some pictures.


1-4: On our journey back to the hostel we spotted this piece of paradise.

Points of interest

1: Some strange animal, seen during Safari.
2: A lake. It seemed very appealing to swim but the water was too dirty.
3: This is one of the things that were the most striking. On the right, you see a beautiful white building. On the left you see something that looks quite familiar with a house in a slum. The contrast is huge, the distance isn't. Let's blame the Eastern Block.
4: The lake, again.
5: Another lake (my parents like lakes indeed haha), nearby some very special rocks. Unfortunately my battery died so I had no oppurtunity to take pictures of them.
6: My barn, of course.
7: The last picture I could take of the rocks was this one: Harry Potter fond! There is no way magic isn't involved.
8: Zebra, spotted during Safari
9: Prague!


1: Eefje and I.
2: Bart and Eefje. Oh don't they look cool.
3: Mum and dad.
4: Julia and I.
5: Mom (oh gosh, my descriptions here are so dull, I wouldn't be surprised if at least half of you would be nodding and yawning and salviating on the keyboard)
6: Eefje and I
7: Eefje with her BFF in Poland
8: Dad and Julia who are about to luge (is that the word)? I didn't participate because I have a fear of big hights and adrealine.
9: I lied to you. THIS is Eefje's BFF.


1-9: Beautifulness beyond words.


1: Pauline and I. We met each other on the very first day and we got on so well with each other!
2: Hugo. This eight-year-old boy is so intelligent and cute; he was the most popular child of the park straight away. Not like he noticed.
3: Annemarie, Pauline and I during the very last night. The last night was quite spectacular since there was this hobo who was totally drunk and stoned and he was bothering us, so the leaders of the parc told him to leave. He didn't understand what they meant and when he did he practiced some kind of Kung Fu which looked so pathetic. In the end the police was called and he left. I do feel some sort of compassion for him; how can you be on such a downside?
4: Eefje and Robert, who was, together with one other boy, the only boy of Eefje's age who didn't fall in love with her.
5: Michiel and I (:
6: My brother and Adriaan who both are such though guys, as you can see.
7: Corné holding Robert.
8: All of us together. Oh man, I will miss them so badly.
9: My sister lost her precious mobile phone so we all started looking for it in the dark. This picture was taken just after Pauline found it. Gratefulness allover (:
10: Eefje and I holding Hugo.
11: FLTR: Robert, Hugo, Eefje and Marnix, they were all wits.


1: The view we had sitting on the veranda.
2: Prague! More extensive collage next!


1: I was sitting next to Hugo when we went to Prague by bus.
2: Beautiful view from a bridge in Prague
3: The legend tells us when you stroke the golden part you will stay happy forever and your wife will never leave you. I saw a man stroking the thing so hard it looked desperately. But then I saw his wife standing near him, with a impatient and bored expression on her face. Well, then I got why the man was stroking the golden part so hard. Do you get it, too? (:
4: This picture sucks, but it was a man playing with a puppet.
5: Busy streets there!
6: Eefje and Marnix
7: We thought these ladies must have lost a bet. Why else would they dye their hair like that?
8: Julia.
9: They had a Lush there! I was getting ready to stay there for a few hours but my sister wanted to go to the Footlocker and the Footlocker only. Grmpf.
10: Haha this man who should be a knight was just standing there like,'Oh gosh what am I doing to myself while standing here, my life sucks blabla' haha.
11: Culture. Very important and very uninteresting.
13: This bridge was completely filled with locks. People who love each other place a lock there togehter and then throw away the key.
14: Clocks. Boooring. But do you see the lower clock? The clock in Hogwarts was based on it. When I heard that my interest regarding the clocks rose from zero to the highest number possible.
15,16: John Lennon Wall! A huge wall filled with graffiti. It was set up in the time of the Communism so youth could put on there what they wanted. Lennon's 'Imagine' became the symbol for this wall. And I loved the message at 16.
17: Back to Starkov again!

Striking randomness
1: Nomnomnom, watermelon.
2-3: In Czech Republic they really should have a look at the commercials to make sure people don't get a heartattack by looking at them. They should go over these two some time.
4: Bored.
5: The one and only way to Narnia was in our house. Didn't work though.
6: We Dutchies all know Albert Heijn right? In Czech Republic they have the Albert which is exactely the same!
7: Luging again!
8: The udder of this goat was unnaturally enormous.
9-10: Lunch!
11: A dog with dreadlocks (:
12: My sister loves this game!
13: Eefje is addicted to her phone. This picture reflects that quite well!
14: Candlelights.
15: Because we are so fed up with the arrogant teenage girls who all want to be a Animagus from a duck so badly with their duckfaces. Teenage girls, face it. You are a human being and pretending you are a duck won't make you look more pretty or more human. It only makes you look like you want to meet Donald Duck so badly you started to look like him. And because of that we have made this picture. To show you how ugly it is. For the children. Thank you for listening to this elucidation.
16: We were totally addicted to this game: Monopoly Deal! It's monopoly in its easier and more thrilling version!

That was it! I hoped you enjoyed this post and I'm glad I'm back and ready to blog my fingers off! (:

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  1. Wat een geweldige foto's! Het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit en je hebt het volgens mij erg naar je zin gehad!

  2. Wat een ontzettend mooie foto's! Leuk dat je weer terug bent, al leek het me erg leuk in Czech !

  3. Prachtige foto's.
    Leuk dat je terug bent, ziet er gezellig en geslaagd uit!

  4. Wauw, leuk om te lezen en te zien! Leuk dat je er weer bent! liefs!

  5. Ow wat gaaf! Ik ben ook vaak in Tsjechie geweest =]! Ik geloof dat ik daar 3 x vakantie heb gehad =]! Het land heeft alles lekker goedkoop daar en ik wil ooit nog eens terug voor praag en cesky krumlov of hoe ik dat ook hoor te schrijven xD. Heel mooi zijn die plaatsen <3!

    xxx Katy ^^!

  6. dankjewel !
    Ziet er naar uit dat je een top tijd hebt gehad !

  7. Super leuke foto's! Ziet er lekker warm uit daar :)

  8. Leuke foto's, ik volg je nu met bloglovin(:
    Misschien dat je eens een kijkje wilt nemen op mijn blog, ik ben sinds gisteren begonnen(:

    Groetjes, Chanel (Just Chanel)

  9. Great!!! :))



  10. Leuke post!
    Ik ben echt al heel vaak naar Tsjechië geweest, echt een leuk land haha! Dus Zdarma herkende ik wel! Oh en die toetjes in de supermarkt daar, Kosticy ofzo. Met skeletten! :)
    En zmerzlina ofzo (ik weet niet hoe je het schrijft), ijsjes! :D

  11. Leuke foto s!
    Ik ben er nog nooit geweest, maar 't lijkt me wel leuk.


  12. haha so funny! I finded your blog now and i am reading name of post...and what? i live in czech republic!:D coincidence!:) I hope that you had a nice time in czech:)

  13. welkom terug en fijn dat je vakantie zo leuk is geweest zeg.x

  14. Welkom terug, echt fijn dat je vakantie leuk is geweest, meid!

    Liefs, xo

  15. super leuke foto's! Ik ben nog nooit is Tsjechië geweest, maar mijn buurvrouw is van daar en ze brengt altijd het lekkerste snoep voor me mee :P

  16. wat een leuke foto's, je vakantie ziet er superleuk uit! ik zou ook graag een keer naar tsjechie gaan :) xxx


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