maandag 30 april 2012

Partyhardy (:

Hello sweeties! ♥
Saturday Milena and I had our fabulous birthdayparty! It was such a lovely day and evening! This is going to be a huge post, including Milena's and my preparations, the party itself and my brand new presents! Hit the more strawberrytea button to see all of it! ♥

I came over at half past twelve and we gave each other our presents immediately. We both gave each other a hat since we both adore them but neither of us had one; now both of us have one! (:

In the very beginning we created this genius picture. You probably don't know Milena and I are sort of obsessed by Peeta, yeah, that extremely hot and cute boy from the Hungergames. (: Anyway, do you know those strange, flat loafs, in Dutch called 'Pita broodjes'? And do you know you pronounce that in the same way as 'Peeta'? :D
This is our genius creation:

Peeta broodje!
 After this, we baked muffins, with our secret recipe! They tasted delicious, I can definately recommand them!

Some white chocolate we didn't like (:
Then, Milena and I went to the city. At H&M we had a farcicial time! We both took some American-Flag-Clothing-Something and took some pictures! Most of them were too embarrasing though (:
We went home and made supper (unox soup and ciabatta bread). Tasted good!


At eight o'clock the party started! Yet half of the pictures I took were too blurry or too embarrassing (: So just enjoy these few!

Yes, some were even more embarrassing than this one haha.

Lisa was wearing my glasses!
Now, I will show you my presents! It's a lot, I am so pleased! (: There was a whole big box of them haha.
This is actually not a present, it was a new purchase of my own! I never told you guys I love the Beatles, yet now you know! I just adore their music and I prefer it so badly over crap like LMFAO, since LMFAO, in my opinion, just doesn't make sense. Anyway, I am so cheerful I found this tee, I was craving for it for such a long time!
 Lisa and Claudia gave me a voucher of 10 euros to spend at H&M. Very pleased! Thank you (:
 They also gave me these amazing dotted tights. Love them!
 Marieke gave me a book full of recipes for smoothies and such. I love smoothies and she knew that! Thankyou! (:
 Rian gave me a puzzle which you can create yourself! Did you notice the little arrow pointing towards the regular age to do this stuff? Hahaha! (:
 She also gave me these, to grow flowers in, since I love flowers!
 Ellen gave me lots of items, like this box! I am going to use it for jewellery!
Ellen also gave me this shower gel and it smells so good!
 Milena gave me this hat, I already told you about it. I love it!
As you know, Mari-lee and Joy are my best friends and they are crazy, haha. They gave me an apple (?), a stone (?), a paper which said 'You can also spell Hanna as Ghanna without the G or as Anna with an invisible H' with a very peculiar smiley haha, a poster of PEETAAA which I'll have to share with Milena, a pig with colourblocking flowers on it while holding a bunch of flowers (colourblocking has always been a joke between us three and I just adore pigs and flowers haha) and last but not least, a key fob with a pig (:

The letter (:
The poster, and a very contented Milena, haha (:
Just some random other presents. Some of them are cards, one is a selfmade dice from Marieke (long story) and one is my own ring (very long story).
Ellen gave me this supercute card and I am soooo happy with it! I love pigs so this is absolutely perfect.
It was a lovely day, evening and night and I enjoyed every bit of it! I hope you enjoyed this huge post!
Bytheway, I am really sorry I didn't post for five days or something. I also didn't find the time to look at your lovely blogs. However, I have holiday now, and even though I am so busy with school (yes, even in the holiday, we have 7 tests, two accounts and an English book to read spread over the two weeks after our 'free' holiday, teachers are sickkkk) I really want to find some time to blog and visit your blogs!

Enjoy your holiday (if you have one!)

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  1. leuke cadeau's :) vooral de juwelendoos

  2. Wat een leuke cadeau's allemaal, volgens mij was het echt een heel leuk verjaardagsfeest. Die cakejes zien er ook heerlijk uit :)

  3. Leuke post! & hahaha geweldig dat Peeta broodje! :D

  4. Leuke kadootjes! Haha, het was vast leuk, je was echt jarig!

  5. Haha, dat Peeta broodje vind ik grappig. Ik hou van die droge humor.

  6. superleuke cadeautjes!
    en was je vandaag op de koninginnen markt in nijmegen? want volgens mij zag ik je daar, haha. :)

  7. je liep langs de goffertboerderij, richting de hazenkampseweg. ik was daar spulletjes aan het verkopen, haha.

  8. Wat een leuke cadeautjes heb je gekregen! Je bent goed verwend!

  9. Omg, ziet er zo gezellig uit! :) Kus.

  10. those muffins look DEADLY DELICIOUS =D thanks for the post hun <3

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  11. the dessert looks delicious. and haha I bought the guns and roses at h&m here just last week, love their band shirts!

  12. dat hoedje dat je draagt is geweldig!

  13. Leuke cadeautjes en de muffins zien er lekker uit :-)

  14. Haha superleuke post!
    Peetabroodje! :D
    Nog gefeliciteerd trouwens ^^

  15. Nog gefeliciteerd! Leuke cadeautjes, vooral dat hoedje! xxx

  16. This is my third cupcake seeing on blogs today!! Torture! Want one now. :P Thanks for your sweet comment lovley. :)

    ★☆Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog☆★

  17. Ziet er heerlijk uit. Die ring is ook erg leuk! Liefs

  18. Yummy ziet er super lekker uit !


    XO Tali

  19. Dat ziet er als een supergezellig feestje uit.

  20. Such gorgeous pictures
    Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious

  21. ik schaam me dood dat ik zo lang niet op je blog heb gekeken en mijn in mijn eigen blog heb geschreven :$
    Leuke foto's enzoo! Maareh, rian was de gene die jou het juwelendoosje gaf! Ik gaf je al het eten en het douche ding. En je uh... geweldige *ahum* ring :$
    Hihi loveyou!


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