zondag 15 april 2012

White dress.

Hello awesome readers,

Yesterday I went shopping! I bought some lovely items, you will be seeing them for sure yet currently I'm saving them for a huge post! After that, I went to 'The hungergames'. In my opinion, a mind-blowing, stunning, splendid movie! I want to read the books, too! Wasn't completely satisfied with the end though, I think the hungergames should be abolished, but that might happen in a next part! Which I will see, too (:
A long time ago already, I bought a lovely dress at the site of H&M for only 5 (!) euro's. It was so entrancing I just hád to buy it, however, it turned out to be much too long... Of course, I could continue wearing it with a belt yet summer is coming up and I prefer to wear it without the heavy, black belt. Therefore I decided to shorten it a bit and it's a perfect dress now! Shortening items is so easy, I barely takes any effort while the result is absolutely gorgeous! I am so pleased with the result, I am going to show you just a few ways how I will wear this customized dress! I really hope you will feel inspired, because that's one of the reasons I actually set up this blog; to inspire people. Let me know whether you did feel that way!

Just a little detail on the collar, it's lace. Cuteness!
You can actually wear this dress with anything. Well, okay, not with anything, I do not recommand wearing it with panterprint trousers underneath it, but you know what I mean (:

The first outfit! This a sort of denim blouse with 'sleeves' which you can tie together. The tough denim and the almost 'innocentness' of the dress is such a beautiful combination! I really adore it! The denim blouse is from C&A.
Next outfit! It's sort of pastel colourblocking! To be honest, I disgust colour blocking. Some people are really good at it, and they can handle it well and it looks fine on them, but I don't see the use of wearing random clothes in random colours with each other. No offense to you if you really like it, it's just my opinion (: However, I think pastel colourblocking is likable! So, the white dress in combination with a very lightgrey-blue sash and a very light pink cardigan looks quite okay! It's not the best outfit ever but it's not the worst either. Both the sash and the cardigan are from H&M.
So, this is a very summer-proof outfit! On a exceedingly hot summerday I never feel like wearing very 'complicated' outfits. Actually, it's just the dress with a scarf tied together! The scarf is my mom's, I don't know where she bought it, she couldn't remember.

This way of wearing it is very cute as well! I just wore a flowerblouse over it and I was done! The flowerblouse is from Willemsen, it's quite a unknown shop really.

My intention was to show you much more ways, but those pictures were too blurry, because I was in a hurry, ahahha that rhymes (: Anyways, that didn't work out. I hope you're fond of these (:

Much love!

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  1. Als je eerst kijkt naar het jurkje denk je een normaal jurkje, maar de combinaties die jij ermee maakt! ;O echt leuk!! Vooral die laatste 2 foto's!

  2. wat een leuke kleding! Zeker dat jurkje, super schattig!

  3. I love how you styled the little white dress! http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com/

  4. Wat een leuk jurkje zeg, en je kunt er inderdaad van alles bij aan! Leuk :)

  5. Wat een leuk jurkje! Ik kan echt niet zoveel verschillende combinaties bedenken.

  6. Wauw, super leuk jurkje zeg!

    Liefs Tessa
    Youtube Kanaal; Beautyandmylife

  7. Wow, je kan er echt super veel kanten mee op, zowel de bloemenkant als de beige kleuren. :) Wat hangt hij trouwens op een prachtige hanger. :D

  8. Wat een leuk jurkje, lekker veel combi mogelijkheden :)

  9. Wat leuk, en wat kan je hem goed combineren echt geweldig!

  10. Heel schattig! Je kan hem erg leuk combineren!
    Liefs, Charlotte

  11. Staat je echt leuk!
    Liefs Julie

  12. Leuke post!
    Nijmegen is in ieder geval best wel anders dan Leiden. Sowieso de indeling van de stad en je kunt ze niet echt vergelijken haha. Ik vind Nijmegen wel een heel leuke stad hoor, en ik ben jaloers op de H&M & V&D haha! (:
    liefs! x

  13. geweldig kleedje, leuke outfits heb je er mee gemaakt! ♥

  14. Echt een heel schattig jurkje en het staat je ook zo leuk! Je hebt leuke combinaties gemaakt!

  15. Super!!! blub wij moeten shoppen!

  16. superleuk jurkje! Wat combineer je het leuk! Ik vind het met dat beige vestje echt zo leuk staan! xx

  17. Wat een leuk jurkje! en heel leuk dat je het op zoveel verschillende manieren hebt gecombineerd! xxx

  18. What a pretty pretty dress <3 and I really enjoyed the Hunger games too :)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo


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