vrijdag 20 april 2012

New purchases

Hello guys!
This is going to be a pretty tremendously huge shoplog, or whatever you call it (: I'm going to show you all the new purchases I bought the past month(s). Hit the 'more-strawberrytea' button!

Some time ago, I went together with a friend of mine, Mari-lee, to our small village to do a little bit of shopping. Since our village is not that enormous, and I have to save a little for... well... later (or something, haha, yes, I  felt very responsible when I wrote that down haha), I didn't buy a huge amount of things yet I bought two items I am very pleased with!
I bought this supercute dress at the HEMA, for only 10 euro's! To be honest, it's a little bit too long so I will be shortening it soon. Fortunately, shortening clothing is not too difficult.

 Just to get an impression how much it will be shortened, so to say (:
Oh, I'm so happy with this necklace! It's absolutely splendid, I just love it. It shows two birds in a cage with a little feather. It only costed 3 euro's (YES, ONLY 3) at the Zeeman. I never knew they selled such beautiful, gorgeous, vintage-like necklaces! So now I know, and now you know (:
This post would be very short, if I would only show those two things. Recently, I also ordered a very cute dress from unestablish.com. I won a voucher of 50 dollars to spend and I found a loooovely dress for only 35 dollars! I just went like, 'Okay, that just has to be a mistake, something this cute can't be that cheap' since the site is quite expensive... However, it turned out to be absolute truth and I am a very, very cheerful girl at the moment, since it arrived a few days ago! It's so cute, I absolutely adore it.

 The back has a bow, yaaaay (:

I don't know what happened, but all of my bad luck seems to be gone... I'm winning so much at the moment! (: I also won a supercute give-away from Natasha and I love the necklace and ring so much! Yet something horrible happened to the necklace; it broke. I feel so guilty against Natasha and I feel so sorry because it was so magnificent! I couldn't do anything about it, it just broke off while walking down the stairs. Still I feel guilty and Natasha, if you read this, I am soooo sorry!

I won an amazing goodiebag from ELF because of a give-away by Charlotte of xxxcharr! I won a nailpolish, a lipstick, powder and an eyeshadow. Great! Perhaps you will get to see a review, I am not sure yet since I I don't enjoy doing reviews in general. But we'll see :D

But there is more, yeah, even more (: I bought this perfect summer dress at H&M, they had so many wonderful items, such a pity I'm not a millionaire (': It was 25 euro's, which is quite much compared to my income but it's definately worth it! It's the most beautiful dress I have. ♥

At 'Kruidvat' you had a 1+1 for free discount, so I bought these two nailpolishes. They're so cute! I'm really looking forward to doing some fruity nail-arts with the green varnish! :D

Yeah, I shopped very much items past months, but all of them were cheap, with discount or even for free (except for the H&M dress, that one was 'natural' if you know what I mean, haha). Don't get too shocked: there is more. (:
This belt I wanted for ages, I finally ordered it and I am very pleased I did! You will see it soon in an outfitpost! It costed 5 euro's, because there was sale.
This sleeveless blouse is so adorable! It has little cheries on it and it's so cute! I already tried it on in a real store, however there it was 15 euro's and on the site only 6. So I ordered it with more than 50% discount!
Next post will be an outfitpost with it! It's going to be cute! ♥

And, last but not least, this ring! I just love it, you can wear it with every outfit, you will be seeing it around a lot!

That was a lot, wasn't it? My parents just got crazy when all those parcels came in, haha. And the man who brought them said quite annoyed when he arrived the fourth time with a parcel, 'Hi, here I am. Again.' (:

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  1. Aaah lucky you!
    Wat een leuke aankopen heb je gedaan en superleuke spulletjes gewonnen =) Vooral dat jurkje wat je hebt besteld met de giftcard is perfect <3
    Vind die cherrytop ook echt cute, hopelijk staat hij nog steeds in de sale!

    Liefs Denise

  2. wauw mooi allemaal :) kleren, make-up en accessoires...kun je mooie looks mee maken

  3. Superleuke aankoopjes! Die nagellakjes zijn echt mooi :D

  4. Wat een leuke jurkjes! Die ring op het laatst vind ik ook erg mooi. En nog gefeliciteerd met het winnen van die winactie, altijd leuk :)

  5. Je hebt heel leuke dingen gekocht! Je interview staat online! liefs.

  6. Leuke dingen, Vooral je jurkjes. Ik hou van jurkjes!

  7. Wauw leuke dingetjes allemaal zeg! Gaaf dat je zo vaak won! :) x

  8. wat een leuke aankoopjes!
    die jurkjes zijn echt cute (:

    1. mijn nieuwe blog: allbeautyforyou.blogspot.com hihi x

  9. Superleuke dingen allemaal. Vooral die jurkjes zijn echt lief!

  10. Erg mooie aankoopjes de sieraden zijn heel leuk !!

  11. Wauw, geweldige aankopen! Helemaal de two fingerring, de nagellakken, de kledingstukken. Love them all!

  12. Zitten een aantal superleuke aankoopjes tussen!

  13. wat een leuke aankoopjes, vooral die sieraden! :) xx

  14. super leuke dingetjes! ik volg je nu misschien wil je mijn blog ook eens bekijken en misschien terugvolgen ;)


  15. Wauw, echt hele leuke aankopen! De ringen zijn gaaf. :) x

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    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin:-)

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  18. Leuke aankopen en leuke dingen heb je geshopt. Wat hangt je kleding trouwens op een schattig roze hangertje :-)

  19. beautiful!!!love ring !!! i'm following your blog!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

    Freaky Friday

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  20. wat een leuke aankopen! ben verliefd op die ketting, Ik ga hem denk ook kopen! xxjes

  21. adorable purchases hun ^^ thanks for sharing em!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  22. Oh my Gosh! Die ring is super cute!!! De rest van je aankopen ook hoor hihi maar die ring is echt wauwie!

    Trouwens misschien lijkt het je leuk om mee te doen aan mijn winactie? Je kunt Catrice producten naar keus winnen tot 5 euro.


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    hello and see you soon^_^


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