zondag 6 mei 2012

My closet

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday I finally took the effort to actually clean out my closet. That's quite a big step for me, since I prefer all the clothes disorderly. 'Why?' you might think. Well, sometimes I see a top and a skirt laying on each other, which appears to be the perfect combination! In that way, a new outfit is born without any creativity required! However, yesterday I cleaned it all up and it looks much better now. In this article you will get to see my closet and the content of it! (: I always hope to see this kind of posts on blogs, so I decided to make one myself! And, as a bonus, you will also get to see my favourite items. If you want to see all this, you better hit the 'more strawberrytea'-button! (:

The picture above shows how my closet looks. Well, it's not tremendous, but it's big enough and it has a very pretty woodspecie, so I still enjoy using it! (:
I will start at the top! This is where my bedsheets are located, together with some dull trousers I still have to change into shorts..

Here are my shorts, trousers and skirts located. To be honest, I only have two pairs of trousers, and one of them has such a hard colour to combine so I barely wear that one. But I don't bother really, I prefer skirts and dresses over trousers anyway. That's probably why the pile of skirts is higher than the other one. (:

On the left you see my tees, tops, shirts and blouses and on the right my cardigans. This shelf is kind of a mess again, I just don't have the patience to keep it all clean (':

Here are my tights and sweaters. I barely wear sweaters, only if I'm soaked wed due to an unexpectant downpour. That's why they are a sort of hidden; I don't use them very often. However, my tights I use everyday!

At the very bottem my underwear and pyama's (is that how you write it?) are located, but sorry guys, I am not going to show those (:
Next row, at the top! Here I put my bags. Some of them I use quite often, some of them I used too often in the past which resulted in them being worn to a thread. Oh, and look at that old eastpack! My very first bag for highschool. It turned out to be a waste of money since it was so huge I didn't enjoy using it at all. Now it's just laying there, rotting away (':
 My favourite part! This is where my dresses and very thick cardigans are located. Do you see the light-pink jumper? It's so ugly I am never ever going to wear it anymore, but it contains so much memories! My grandma bought it for me and back then I wore it a lot. It's so warm and so comfy, but again, absolutely plain.

 Dresses! My favourite part of the favourite part (:

That was my closet! (: Now I'll show you my favourite items, sorted on category.
 This one was my very first selfmade skirt and I love the fabrics! It seems a little strange on the picture but in real life is much cuter!

It's easy to combine and it's my first Primark purchase ever.

Oh, how do I love dresses. This one from H&M is perfect. I didn't wear it yet, I am going to save it for Whitsun ('Pinksteren' in Dutch) (:
As I told already, I only have two pairs of trousers and one is hard to combine. The other one is a tan skinny from H&M and I think it's extremely pretty.

This black, basic cardigan with pockets from Primark is definitely my favourite. It's cute and fits with every dress and skirt. Besides, it's so comfy I wish I could wear it everyday!

This is my favourite belt. It's a brown one from H&M and I love it so much. It fits, just like the cardigan, with everything.

These tights from the Wibra are very cheap (50 cents each) and their quality is okay. It's not stunning but you can't expect any more for that price!

Well, this was a pretty long post, but I hope you still enjoyed all this!
Oh, yesterday I bought the book 'The Hungergames' and it's so good! I definitely recommand it (: and Jolijn was right previous post, the two titles (deep in the meadow, under the willow and a bed of grass, a soft green pillow) are indeed from the Hungergames. It's the song Katniss sings when Prim is scared and when Rue dies. It's so pretty! Well done Jolijn! ♥
Tomorrow school starts again. Save me (':

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  1. kleedjes vind ik ook het leukst :)

  2. Leuk om te zien. Mijn kast is zo rommelig vergeleken met die van jouw! Haha was ik de enige die de titels rade? Proud of myself hihi (a)

  3. Hele leuke post! Je zelfgemaakte rokje is echt leuk! x

  4. Kledingkast opruimen is bij mij altijd een dagtaak haha! Leuke items heb je er uit gepikt!

  5. Je kledingkast ziet er netjes en opgeruimd uit joh! Oh, de jurken is ook mijn favoriete stuk. ^^

  6. ziet er goed uit! mijn kast ik zo leeg en rommelig vergeleken met jou!

  7. it certainly does look a lot more organised =) good work! i should clean out mine because its a mine field at the moment teehee!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  8. Echt heel erg leuk om te zien! Mijn kast is echt een rommeltje haha :) x

  9. Leuk om te zien, goed opgeborgen allemaal.
    Ik heb mijn langere dingen zoals jurken of broeken aan een stang hangen en de rest heb ik in gebloemde kisten gepropt ;)
    Liefs, Kiek.

  10. Wat leuk om te zien! En wat een nette kledingkast. Goed hoor haha! XD

  11. Ik vind jou stijl zo leuk! Echt heel schattige dingen en ontzettend leuke kleurtjes en prints :)

  12. Dankjewel !
    Je hebt echt leuke printjes hangen !

  13. Leuk om te zien !!
    Ik ruim meestal mijn kleding kast op voor dat ik ga shoppen dan weet ik weer wat ik nodig heb. xxx

  14. Leuk! mijn kast heeft ook echt een make-over nodig!

    Love, May

  15. Leuk om te zien, sowieso een leuke blog.
    Liefs, mi-lou

  16. Superleuk zo'n kijkje in je kast! Je favo rokje is echt cute =) en die broek van H&M ziet er inderdaad ideaal uit, enig idee of hij nog te krijgen is ;)?

    Liefs Denise

  17. Leuke post!
    Zoiets wil ik ook een keertje doen,
    maar dan moet ik echt m'n kasten er wat fatsoenlijker uit laten zien XD

  18. super gaaf om te zieen. en je hebt echt zo'n leuk lettertyp, hahhaha. er staat namelijk een streepje door de z en dat maak ik ook altyd :)


  19. Als ik het zo zie heb je veel leuke kleding ♥

  20. Wat heb je leuke kleding! Om eerlijk te zijn, heb ik geen jurkje in mijn kast hangen... schaaaam! Ik vind de close up foto van je jurkjes heel leuk (: Liefs!


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