zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Till I can make it on my own.

Hello guys,
Everything alright? I'm doing fine, it's just everything seems a little boring and dreadful, everyday is the same and full of school, school and... oh yeah, school. I am really looking forward to summer holiday, going to sew, draw, read, shop and eat icecreams so much! Let's hope the time will get in a hurry! (:

1: I always like these kind of pictures of someone with a bun, so I made one myself
2: Jewellery
3: Bookshelf at home, gave me a sort of vintage-feeling
4: Bubbles. I love them, they're so pretty and try to say 'bubbles' in an angry way. Bet it didn't work out (:

I have nothing to tell except for that I just went to a bqq with youth of my church and I had a really great time. I laughed so much, my belly hurts now haha. I don't know where people get the idea from youth and people in general who go to church are boring, because WE'RE NOT (:
Oh, and I have a little story about  my mathteacher who practices self-compassion all the time (': It's so stupid, the man claims he spends 10 hours checking ONE test. I mean, you've got to be kidding me. 10 hours? He spends let's say 6 hours at school,  and well, 10 hours checking ONE test, 10 hours checking ONE other test, ooh, oops, the day is over already, and he hasn't even slept or eaten. So yeah, I really, really believe him *sarcasmmmm* I just had to tell you guys, it's so annoying haha!
Wow, actually I did have something to tell (:
Enjoy your evening! ♥

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  1. Leuke foto's! Haha, de beschrijving bij foto 1 vind ik echt goed. :) Slimme oplossing, is so true. :) De bubbels zijn fun, het doet mij aan de zomer denken! En inderdaad veel ijs nommen!

  2. Leuke foto's! Je wiskunde docent had beter een andere baan kunnen nemen, haha! liefs.

  3. Mijn wiskundedocent is ook al zo'n geweldige man -__-. Leuk artikel verder!

  4. Superleuke foto's!!


  5. Mooie foto's. Ik snap zowieso niet dat je ervoor kiest om een wiskundedocent te worden.

  6. Leuke foto's! hihi, en wat is bellenblaas leuk he? :) x

  7. haha your maths teacher sure enjoys his marking ;p n glad you had fun at the bbq hun! thanks for sharing your story =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  8. Leuke foto's :) Vooral die met die bubbels lijkt erg leuk.

  9. Leuke foto's! De eerste is echt leuk :) x

  10. Leuke foto's hanna! Die eerst met die messy bun is superleuk!

  11. Die eerste foto is super geworden, je haar zit echt mooi zo!
    Thanks nog voor je antwoord, ben bang dat die broek er dan inderdaad niet meer is ;)

    Liefs Denise

  12. Super leuke foto's
    Liefs, Mi-lou

  13. Haha 'Bubbels',
    daar zit ik dan,
    achter m'n computer,
    'bubbels' hardop te roepen.
    In m'n eentje.
    RIGHTTTT. Haha persoonlijk vond ik het een errug grappig tafereel.
    Een misschien ietsjes gĂȘnant ^^
    Ach ik heb het er voor over!


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