zondag 1 juli 2012

You lost your muchness.

Hi enchanting people! (:
The weather has been so goood past week! I know that's kind of pathetic, blogging about weather haha, however I'm going to do it anyway.
Yesterday I didn't post, due a lack of nothing less than my camera. My parents took mine with them to Limburg (for foreign readers: region in the South of the Netherlands) because their camera is broken. Therefore I was unable to take pictures and since I promised only one post ago to give my blog more 'quality-time', I wanted to post an outfitpost. Well, I hoped that clarified it all a bit.

Yesterday I watched 'Alice in Wonderland', you know, the version with Johnny Depp (the man is brilliant)! In case you watched it; that elucidates the title (: It made me want to watch the Disney version again! I hope I will find some time soon! There are so many movies I still want to watch, so many books I still want to read, so much things I still want to do this holiday. Everyday I make a list of how I will devide my time that very same day, just to ensure none of my free time will get lost! Controlfreaaak haha.

Basic black top: anni Rolfi / Floral blouse: Mom's closet / Black lace skirt: H&M via Marktplaats.nl / Cardigan: ?
It doesn't matter you don't know where the cardigan is from, you can get them anywhere, or at least, that's what I suppose (:
Have a pleasant evening lovelies! ♥

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  1. Leuke outfit! Haha Alice in Wonderland vind ik ook een leuke film :)

  2. een film met johnny depp kan nooit verkeerd zijn :)

  3. True, Johnny Depp is amazing en op dit moment weer single, arme man. Je zag er weer prachtig uit, zwart staat je heel classty! Gorgeous. ^^

  4. Nice outfit!
    Alice in wonderland! I love it!
    I love the way you blog!
    Lots of love, Florence

  5. Mooie foto's!
    En Alice in wonderland is leuk. Binnenkort de Disney versie ook maar weer eens kijken :)

  6. Leuke outfit!

    xx, http://chanelscwonderland.blogspot.nl/

  7. Weer een cool outfit !!



    You look absolutely Fab in that dress !!



  8. Leuke outfit, jammer dat ik te verlegen ben om met een rok naar buiten te gaan -_-, maar wel met een jurk. Hahaha, er is iets goed mis bij mij XD

  9. leuke outfit en super foto's!


  10. Wat een leuke outfit heb je aan! :) Heb je misschien wat tips om mijn blog leuker te maken? xx


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