woensdag 13 juni 2012

Sick of being pushed to the very limit.

Hello lovelies,
I made this GIF to show you my desire to throw with schoolbooks because of the testweek that's freaking me out. I hope you enjoy it, just ignore the marvellous quality (:

Screw this! I'm off to Hogwarts!
Well, yesterday I had two tests: biology and English. English went very well, as I expected. Unforunately, in the very beginning of the biology test I already perceived it wasn't going well. I mean, when I think I did a really good job on biology-tests and then I receive a four or something. So what will happen if I know I kind of failed? I decided to just focus on the fact that English went well, just to avoid disappointed feelings haha.

Today I will also do two tests, Dutch and Physics. Dutch will be okay, however I'm not so sure about Physics. I mean; IT'S PHYSICS! But I prepared well (there even was a paragraph I kind of liked (!), it was about calculating KWh and the price of the electricity. It's a miracle, because the words 'I' and 'like' and 'Physics' have never been put into one sentence before in my life by me, unless it was a negative one :D) but I don't expect much of it, to avoid dissapointment.

Tomorrow I have Chemistry and French. I decided I'm not going to study for Chemistry, because there's no one to help me and I know doing it on my own will lead to practically nothing. I accepted I won't get any higher than a three (if I'm lucky) and that will be it.So tomorrow I'm going to do the first test in this year for which I didn't study. Nervous!

ps. Well, perhaps I'm going to study. A tiny little bit. To avoid a dull one, you know (:
pps, And then I've had the toughest subjects! Which means I will find some time to go outside and take outfitpictures. I hope I can go around half past eight, then the light is always so beautiful.
ppps, Lots of random chatting here! :D

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  1. Super veel succes! Ik zit ook in de toetsweek en heb vandaag Engels en Aardrijkskunde gehad, die laatste heb ik ook BEHOORLIJK verpest hahah! liefs xxx

  2. you are so cute and i like your blog. cute outfits. i hope test week is not too scary, but i remember when i was in school how stressful it always was. i am going to be in university for graduate school in september, so all of that wil begin again for me. sorry to hear about biology but i hope all the other tests go well. study but do not study too much cos there is such a thing as over studying!

    xx rae

    stop by, follow if you like, darling. http://www.loveforschoolgirl.net/

  3. Superleuk plaatje heb je gemaakt ! Ik heb ook toetsweek, heel veel succes !

  4. Haha, wat een leuk plaatje! :)
    Kus. <3

  5. agh schatje toch, nouja, om je op te vrolijken:
    Ik verpruts het toch wel, en zelfs al haal ik een 1 dan sta ik nog een 6.1 :) Yeahh.
    En btw, we gaan gewoon samen in onze bikini dansen, en hoooooooooooopelijk mag je mee naar de rattery, maar die stommerd heeft nog niet geantwoord :S
    loveyou honey!

  6. Heel veel succes en super leuke gif filmpje heb je ervan gemaakt!

  7. Je Engels is ook echt goed, dus dat zit wel snor! :D Hopelijk heb je de anderen ook gewoon goed gemaakt. :) Succes nog met de rest en die ene voor morgen! De GIF is trouwens a-mazing!

  8. Leuk en veel succes!
    Heb je je brief al?

  9. Haha dat plaatje heb je echt leuk gemaakt! Veel succes :)

  10. Haha leuk, vooral de 'screw this' op de voorkant. Succes met de laatste loodjes! xxx

  11. Pff, ik heb examens! Veel succes! & leuke gif trouwens (: ♥

  12. Die plaatjes heb je erg leuk gemaakt!

    xx, http://chanelscwonderland.blogspot.nl/

  13. Haha dat gifje is leuk gedaan!

  14. Succes! Trouwens, superleuk plaatje heb je gemaakt! :D


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