vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Queen of procrastination

Hello there!
I guess we all know the feeling: an important test is coming up, you still have to pay back some euro's to your best friend, you actually want a job but you keep avoiding the application for it or, in our case, you want to write a blogpost but you can't push yourself to actually do it. These are all forms of procrastination. I myself have huge problems with it from a very young age already and I think lots of us do. In this blogpost you will read about my experiences with my procrastination-urge. Enjoy!

All pictures in this post are taken by Annemieke!

Let's first have a look at the defenition of procrastination. The freedictionary.com states it this way: 'To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.'

I always keep saying, 'Tomorrow I will start, proper thing now!' Just because I don't feel like doing it at that moment. For example: if I have to study for a test, I plan exactely when I will start and how much I have to study each day. Sounds very professional and obedient, but actually every single time I completely ignore it and one day before the test I suddenly remember I should have started a lot earlier. Procrastination? Oh yes!

Also, I ordered oxfords at Zalando.com weeks ago and they didn't fit at all, so I am supposed to send them back. However, I just can't get myself to do it because there is a form that has to be printed. The only computer that is attached to a printer is on the attic and the internet connection is very slow there. But I don't even need internet to get the form! I am just too lazy to walk upstairs, that's basically it.

Also, when Jolijn won a give-away a while ago, it took me days to actually order the palette she won. Not because it was so hard, but just because I am procrastinating... There I go again!

I can give you thousands of examples of things I just don't do because I am lazy, varieing from schoolwork to cleaning up, but it all comes down on the fact I am just the queen of procratination... Even typing this article has been interrupted by many tumblr-like and social media activities! That means I also procrastinate during things I enjoy doing, like blogging! Is there no hope left at all then?

Well, of course there is! There are various ways of solving your procrastination-issue! For example, make a list and store it in a place you know you look at/in often (such as your diary). You will get confronted with it every time you look in, for instance, your diary and this will force you to do it. Once you did it, you can tick it off and be very proud of yourself! You can also promise yourself a small present everytime you did something you kept avoiding. A nailpolish, some time to let all your creativity out, anything!

And do know you what? You and I are not the only one! Lots of people procrastinate whenever they can, as well the lóvely Carrie Fletcher. She also made a video on this topic and therefore gave me the idea for this article!

But what do I do instead of what I'm ought to be doing at that moment? Well, on those moments the most creative things happen and thát is why procrastination is not that bad at all.

Because, if you spend your time more usefull during your procrastination-session than during what you should be doing, it's perfectely fine right? Even though I am not too sure whether the teachers would agree on that....
Lots of love!

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  1. Dat is zo herkenbaar. Bijvoorbeeld, op dinsdag heb ik een uurtje om huiswerk te maken vóór ik ga werken. Dan denk ik 'oke, nu ga ik het echt maken, en dan kan ik na het werk lekker tv kijken. twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter oke nu ga ik echt beginnen dan tumblr tumblr tumblr blog blog blog facebook facebook facebook. Tja...

  2. Gave foto's vooral die eerste is echt heel erg leuk! :D Mooie lach!


  3. Oh ik wou dat ik er bij was! Echt leuke foto's zijn het geworden. En och, wat kan lisa toch zielig kijken altijd :)

  4. Dat zijn echt supermooie foto's! <3

  5. Heel herkenbaar dit! Dan heb ik een hele belangrijke toets en zeg ik tegen mezelf als de toets word opgegeven: Okee, ik ga 2 weken van tevoren beginnen. Uiteindelijk veranderen die weken in dagen en kan ik mezelf echt slaan dan. Pffft. Hahaha

    Oh de foto's zijn zo mooi! Echt prachtig! En de modellen natuurlijk ook ^^

  6. Wat een leuke foto's! Plannen is gewoon lastig, ik ben ook een uitstel-heldin, haha. Liefs!

  7. Herkenbaar dit! Maar waaaauw die foto's zijn echt prachtig. Liefs!

  8. Super mooie foto's! Ik vind het outfit op de 4e foto vooral heel leuk!

  9. wAUUUUWWWw. Ik ben fan van je blog, verwelkom je nieuwe volger :D

    je foto's zijn prachtig!

    kijk je ook even bij mij?

  10. wauw, heel mooie foto's! En heel herkenbaar verhaaltje! liefs.

  11. Echt heel erg mooie foto's! Liefs :)

  12. Wat een mooi artikel! De foto's zijn er ook heel erg mooi bij!

  13. De foto's zijn echt prachtig! Vooral de eerste van jou vind ik erg mooi!

  14. Super bedankt voor je lieve reactie en volgen, you made my day!

    liefs, Jolijn.


  15. Zitten hele mooie foto's tussen!
    Vind vooral de eerste erg leuk!
    &Als je op 'Overdose' klikt bij die post kom je gelijk op hun post met mij erin terecht!
    Het is een verborgen linkje ^^

  16. Ik vind ook dit weer leuke foto's, mooie plek in het bos :D

  17. In uitstellen ben ik ook erg goed in, haha. Erg leuke foto's!
    Liefs, Iris


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