zondag 14 oktober 2012

I am back from Ireland!

Hello everybody!
I am back from Ireland and I have had an amazing time. This was genuinely the best trip we have ever had! In this post I will tell you about all the new experiences I have gained and the lovely people I have met. Have fun!

I had to get up at 5 o'clock AM and it was far too early! Joy picked me up and we drove to school were we arrived a little bit too early. It was freezing cold outside, I can tell you that! Then we drove to the airport in Eindhoven. It was the first time I would fly by airplane and Lisa and I were so nervous, you wouldn't believe it! But it turned out to be perfectely fine and I'm proud to say I even liked it!

We arrived in Dublin at last! We drove towards the city centre and I did some good shopping there (shoplog coming up!). After this we went to an old prison for political opponnents. That was quite cool because we watched a movie in class ('In the name of the father', it's brilliant!) which was recorded there! Around 18:00 we went to the hostfamilies. We (Claudia, Milena, Joy and I) had one consisting of an old man and woman who were both lovely!

This was such a lovely day! We went to the Moate Community School and took some lessons in for instance Irish, PE (Gealic football) and science. I think the break was the best part because I have had so much fun talking to the Irish people! They were so friendly and hilarious and I miss them quite a bit!

Picture from Lisa

This was the day we went to Kilkenny, a town with a famous castle which we visited, too. First we had some free time. We all expected Kilkenny to be a village with about three shops but they had a Penny's and it was a great mix between the larger companies and the small shops. Lovely! After this we visited the castle, which was nice, but the tourguide was quite boring and we all were a little tired. But the best part of the day was when we saw a big fat gypsy wedding in front of our eyes!

We had to drive for two and a half hours to get there but the cliffs of Moher were worth it! These cliffs are famous because Harry Potter part 6 is partly recorded there. So incredible to see them in real life! It rained a lot while driving there but once we arrived the sun shone! Can you believe our luck?!

After this we visited Galway which was quite a big town (another one and a half hour driving). I didn't buy anything but I did like the shops!

In the evening we had a disco. We expected it to be a great failure and we thought it would be very awkward but once arriving there the dancing started very quickly and we had a really good time! Those Irish are partyhardies! (:

And today it was time to go home already! But we first went to another castle and to Cork. In Cork there was quite a big shoppingmall and it was very convivial with Lisa and Annemieke.
After this we went back by plane again and soon we arrived at the school.

I have had an amazing time and we are trying everything to convince our teachers and the Irish principle to get the Irish to visit our school because we really want to see each other again! I really hope it's going to work, fingers crossed!

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  1. Wauw, incredible pictures! :) Leuk om te zien en wauw.. wat ziet die vrouw er mooi uit in haar roze jurk. Damn, wat een kleur zeg! Fijn dat je het zo naar je zin hebt gehad. :)

  2. Gaaf, ik wist eigenlijk niet hoe Ierland er ongeveer uitzag =]! Wel had ik vorig jaar bij een Ierse Pub St Patricks Day Gevierd =]! Het lijkt mij echt heel leuk om een naar Ierland te gaan <3! Leuke en mooie foto's <3!

    xxx Katy ^^!

  3. Wat gaaf dat je naar Ierland bent geweest joh :D

  4. Leeuk! ik heb je btw genomineerd voor de liebster award als je wilt meedoen kan je een kijken op mijn blog nemen

  5. fabulois photos :) you're a lucky girl *.*
    i love it


  6. Wauw super leuk ! Hihi, had je mij niet mee kunnen nemen ? (: En omg, die big fat gipsy wedding; hoe vet !

  7. haha, zo vet! ik wou dat ik ook mee kon gaan haha ;)
    hihi jaaa, allebei harry potter fans ^^.
    xxxxx Kiek.

  8. Leuk dat je ons wilde volgen! Wij volgen ook zeker terug, zo'n schattige lay-out heb je! De foto's zijn ook tof! x

  9. Wat leuk. Je blog is super. Zullen we elkaar followen op bloglovin?

  10. Het klinkt allemaal echt super leuk! En hahahahaha een big fat gipsy wedding? Hoe tof om dat in het echt te zien! (:

  11. Sounds like fun! Ik zag annemiekes post ook al, super leuk! Ik wil ook! xx

  12. Looks like a great time!


  13. Dankjewel !
    Leuke rugtas heb je op de eerste foto !

  14. Wat een mooie foto's!
    Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Versatile Blogger Award!

  15. Echt leuk dat je naar Ierland bent geweest, daar wil ik zo graag naar toe, wellicht in de voorjaarsvakantie :D

  16. First of all, thank you honey! You're the straw to my berry ahah <3
    You're sooooooo sweet ^_^
    Second, love those photos, I would love to visit Ireland! Seems you had lots of fun :D

    Lots of kisses <3<3<3

  17. Oooohh lijkt me zo leuk! Echt heel leuke foto's en... i am jealous! liefs!

  18. wat een leuke foto's ! ik vind die ene waar je haar in de wind blaast heel erg mooi!
    en dankjewel voor al je reacties altijd op mijn blog! :) ik waardeer het echt ;D

  19. I love the jacket!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?

  20. Great pictures, you look so pretty!
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne


  21. superleuke fotos!!
    misschien kunnen we elkaar volgen?
    liefs smnth

  22. Aah super leuk! En leuke foto's! :) x

  23. Love your outfit! So want to visit there :) x


  24. Wat gaaf dat je daar bent geweest! Leuke foto's ook.

  25. Great blog! Love all the pictures!

    Wanna follow each other?

  26. I love that knit sweater! It's so cute!

    Please feel free to check my blog out... Also, would you like to follow each other?


  27. Dat rugtasje!!! super cute! :D



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